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Various jazz and gospel piano/vocal scores from the album HONORING LOUIS ARMSTRONG featuring Louis Armstrong Impressionist John Redmon and The Thomas J. Dawson, Jr. iOrchestra are now available right here on this page.

Some jazz and gospel sheet music available for purchase and download (in .pdf format) include: What a Wonderful World, O Danny Boy and Summertime, Blessed Assurance, Precious Lord, Just a Closer Walk With Thee (Medley) and When the Saints (Medley).

The Album

HONORING LOUIS ARMSTRONG is a fantastic and unforgettable, 10-track musical tribute album featuring John Redmon and The Thomas J. Dawson, Jr. iOrchestra. Redmon and Dawson have combined forces to pay homage to jazz legend and Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame Inductee Louis Armstrong, a man of inescapable influence. Guest Artists include: Linda Purl, Charles Buie, Committed, Phil & Brenda Nicholas and Fresh Start Baptist Church Male Chorus of Fountain, Colorado. [Read Album Reviews]


Listen and shop jazz sheet music with new and fresh arrangements of some of the timeless classics The Great Satchmo has recorded like: What a Wonderful World, Summertime and When the Saints. However, some liberties were taken by producers to record some songs that Louis actually may have recorded if he were still with us today, such as: O Danny Boy, Precious Lord, Blessed Assurance and a cover to John Lennon’s global phenomenon  Imagine. All songs listed above and more appear on the album Honoring Louis Armstrong Tribute Album. [Who is Louis Armstrong?]


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Thank You

Thank you for buying and downloading some of our jazz and gospel sheet music today. By doing so, you support such amazing artists (John Redmon, Thomas Dawson, Jr., Linda Purl, Committed, Phil & Brenda Nicholas, Fresh Start Baptist Church Male Chorus) as well as our endeavors of keeping such rich musical history alive.

Backing Tracks

Looking for accompaniment / instrumental / karaoke / backing tracks for songs above, click here for the WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD TRACK SERIES.