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John Redmon and The Thomas J. Dawson, Jr. iOrchestra pay homage to two music icons: John Lennon and Louis Armstrong. Specifically Imagine.

Singing Telegram 105 Years Young!

Aunt Theda celebrates her 105th birthday with close family and friends. To commemorate this remarkable milestone, Louis Armstrong Impressionist John  Redmon delivers 15 long stem roses and a nostalgic singing telegram of the Armstrong classic What a Wonderful World on bended knee to the young birthday girl.

Wonderful World

This nostalgic tune was filmed as vintage footage (black and white) in downtown Colorado Springs at the enticing Gold Room. Needless to say, John Redmon and Thomas Dawson, Jr. are inescapable sights arrayed in their tuxedos and infectious smiles. With just a microphone and piano in plain sight, these gentlemen deliver this American classic What a Wonderful World with a touch of class and a hint of jazz.

Alexa Commercial

Louis Armstrong Impressionist John Redmon is back doing something he has NO BUSINESS doing. Namely…taking a step class with Aerobic Instructor Quentin Clark!

Buie Tribute

Watch this beautiful tribute to the multi-talented Charles Buie. Significantly, the Youngstown, Ohio native became an outstanding vocalist, a gifted multi-instrumentalist, notable composer, producer and arranger whose musical contributions have opened the doors for television commercials, a platinum record and a Grammy Award. 

Finding Your Voice

Find out how John Redmon started singing like Louis Armstrong in this dramatic video Finding Your Voice.

ALBUM RELEASE Concert Promo Video

SATCHMO LIVES! Louis Armstrong Impressionist John Redmon Wants to Celebrate Special Album Release With A Special Virtual Concert…Honoring Louis Armstrong. Special Guests include: Linda Purl and Thomas Dawson, Jr. Guest Appearance by Patrick Duffy 


Want to know what Louis Armstrong Impersonator John Redmon’s real voice sounds like? Well you’re in luck. Watch lyric video of this romantic version of his composition The New Happy Birthday song.


With now over a million combined video views for his John Lennon cover Imagine, rising star John Redmon encourages others to Dream Big.

Wonderful World  Live!

Rising billboard recording artist John Redmon & Thomas Dawson, Jr. acoustically and sentimentally revisit the nostalgic Armstrong classic Wonderful World Live!